Frequently asked questions

Common questions we've received, followed by some helpful answers.

We can assist with all your secure shredding requirements. From secure bags, bins, archive boxes, onsite loading and even pallets loaded with paper.

As of March 2021 we currently service Sydney and Melbourne, however in the coming months we expect to extend our offering nationwide.

All payment is via Credit Card
We accept Visa, Mastercard or Amex and do not charge any additional service fees.

If your question hasn’t been answered above please feel free to use our live chat service, email us at or call us at 1300 310 452.

Shred2u Australia Pty Ltd is a registered company in Australia and is part of 2u enterprises.
Our office is located at Level 4, 55 Miller St, Pyrmont.
Our CEO is Steve Orenstein. You can always reach out to Steve via

It’s perfect for business or personal use.

Only paper please.
Staples and paper clips are fine, but any other contamination will incur additional fees for sorting and disposal of the additional items. This includes thick cardboard, binders, arch lever folders and plastic of any kind (e.g sleeves, plastic dividers, tape, wrapping etc)

Shred Bags

The bags are 94CM X 58CM made from Woven Polypropylene. The bags are high strength and resistant to tears or damage.

As long as you like. Once the bags are full and ready for collection just book a pick up and we will come and collect.
If you order multiple bags and would like them collected separately, we can certainly arrange this for an additional collection fee.

Up to 16kg per bag of documents. Approximately 2 archive boxes or 45L of paper.

Once you place your order we’ll have the bags shipped to you the next day across Sydney Metro.

You can book your collection via the website here or by using the link at the bottom of your confirmation email. (sometimes email may be in spam) We will pick up the following Wednesday.

There will be an extra small fee. Call 1300 310 452 or email us to schedule a time.

You will have received an email the day before confirming the pick up day of your Shred2u bag filled with your documents for secure destruction. You will also receive a sms or a call from the driver when they are on the way to pick up your secure documents for shredding. The driver will pick up your secure documents and deliver it to one of our partner destruction sites for secure document destruction.

Your bag is transferred to one of our partner destruction sites. We’ll make sure all paper is destroyed securely.

You sure can! We can set you up with a week, biweekly, monthly or quarterly service. Just select the option you require via the booking process.

Yes, just email us at and we will email the certificate to you.

Shred Bins

Yes we do! 240L bins which take approximately 4-5 archive boxes of paper.

Yes the bin does have a lock on it.

Yes you can have the bin for up to 2 weeks or less just contact us when you are ready for the bin to be picked up.

Absolutely! We offer an on-demand rental service. We will deliver a Shred2u 240L bin for $90 (excluding GST), after the 2 weeks you can opt to leave the Shred2u bin on-site for $38 (excluding GST) per month, per bin and book the pick up when you are ready.
If needed, we can swap out the full bin for an empty one for $90 (excluding GST) and the rental starts over.

Yes you can, you can subscribe to our monthly,bi-monthly service or rental service (this great for a small business), we come & remove the full bin and replace it with an empty bin.


Yes we can. Contact us for rates and scheduling.

Onsite Loading

No problem, simply email us the pick up address and a photo to we will quote and then schedule a pick up time. We will load the shredding and take it away to be shredded.